Zooterra proudly works with organizations having a significant impact conserving nature around the world.  We look for reliable and trustworthy organizations with whom we engage as Zooterra Partners. We also engage organizations as Zooterra Network members. 

Partners are invited to the platform after reviewing their practices and results and confirming their ability to execute on the projects we support and provide the transparency needed to share stories with our Guardians. 

We also provide the opportunity for organizations protecting the world’s natural areas and wildlife to join the Zooterra Network. Zooterra showcases the efforts of network members on our different channels.  Protecting the world’s nature will require a global and coordinated effort and Zooterra is glad to bring these efforts forward and to become a voice for the conservation work being done around the world. 

If interested in being a partner or a network member, please email us at hello@zooterra.com