Land purchase in the South Bank 

The South Bank, in South Africa, is in one of the world’s 36 biodiversity hotspots. Its wildlife includes leopards, zebra, giraffes, hyenas and honey badger.  This area, however, is highly fragmented with farms making it difficult for wildlife to travel and have natural behaviors.  This digital Lioness, in collaboration with South African recording artist Bonj, and the conservation non-profit Wildlife Tomorrow Fund supports the purchase of land to reconnect this natural habitat and help bring back lions to the area.

The specific area to be purchased for this project was destined to become a pineapple farm, meaning every tree and bush would have been flattened, and every wild animal would have been driven off or killed. Fortunately, this land is now in the process of being purchased and protected by this project!

The digital Lioness purchase will help fund this project. The stories that you will get as part of the Lioness, will be from Bonj’s visit to the South Bank.  She will be your guide to experience the wildlife and neighboring communities. Bonj is a native South African recording artist who recently sang and was a panelist in the United Nations Climate Action week. She is passionate about wildlife conservation and one of her favorite animals is the lion so she was eager to join this effort to protect her country's natural treasures. Bonj will be hosted by Wild Tomorrow Fund in January to share with you the ongoing conservation and community efforts, including a visit to a local preschool.

Support the protection of the South Bank and its amazing wildlife with the Lioness and come along with Bonj on this journey!