Forest Reforestation in lake Atitlan Basin

The Lake Atitlan basin in the western highlands of Guatemala is home to a diversity of ecosystems and wildlife. However, expanding human demographics are exerting critical pressure on iconic flora and fauna.

The goal of this project is to support the yearly planting of more than 275,000 trees throughout the basin of this iconic lake. Since 2016, this reforestation project has helped Atitlan recover more than 280 acres of forest. The most recent monitoring has shown a 70% success rate of planted trees measured by trees growing tall after 3 years.

With your help, the reforestation project will surpass one million planted trees by June 2020. By supporting this project, you are helping Ricardo Esquit and the team of rangers reforest the mountainsides and beaches and put out fires. As a result, this will also help the conservation of species that thrive in these forests, such as the armadillo and the horned guan.