Education to Combat Wildlife Trafficking & Deforestation in Cambodia

Today, Cambodia has become a source, transit, and destination for the black market wildlife trade, posing threats to the Asian elephant, pileated gibbon, sun bear, and Asiatic black bear. To combat this issue, engaging youth and rural communities in the fight to protect their natural heritage is essential.

In 2005, Wildlife Alliance created the Kouprey Express, the only mobile environmental education project in Cambodia. The Kouprey Express team works mostly in Cambodia's Southern Cardamom Mountains, empowering community members, students, and teachers to be frontline defenders of wildlife and natural resources. They also raise awareness on conservation issues and laws, leading the charge against the illegal wildlife trade.

By supporting this project, you are helping Wildlife Alliance improve capacity for teacher training and empowering youth and communities to manage their natural resources. You are also helping protect the Cardamom Mountains Rainforest from deforestation and CambodiaÕs animals from the illegal wildlife trade.