Zooterra is re-imagining how we support nature through a patent-pending platform that gives users a direct, transparent and fun way to help protect wildlife and natural habitats.

Nature has never been more vulnerable as we go through Earth’s 6th mass extinction, yet people are not compelled to put enough money behind wildlife and habitat conservation. When we consider contributing to nature conservation, we often wonder “where is my money going?” and “how can I tell I’ve made an impact?”

Zooterra is working to bridge these gaps. On the platform, you become a Guardian of Nature by buying digital tokens called terras. Each terra token is a unique collectible associated with 1-hectare of natural area from around the world. Proceeds from each terra directly support a specific project linked to your terra’s habitat, wildlife or the local community which you can view through geolocation. As you collect terras from around the world, you build your Guardian history and reach higher levels, while getting updates on the projects you’ve supported and satellite image analysis.

At Zooterra, our mission is to enable everyone to have a stake in nature and take action. Become a Guardian of Nature and help transform the way we protect habitats and wildlife.

Zooterra's Story

From the founder Julio Corredor

As a child, I was fascinated by the cheetah. Its speed pushed the limits of the possible and brought a sense of wonder and possibility to me. As I grew older, my love for animals developed so much that I almost became a veterinarian. While I ended up in business and on the Strategy and Innovation team at Pfizer, my interest in nature never waned. Five years ago, I learned that there were only 7,000 cheetahs left in the wild, declining from about 100,000 in 1900. I was in shock: how could such a popular and seemingly common animal be endangered? Soon after, I decided to host a fundraiser on my birthday, to support the cheetah. I looked online for a charity where I could give the money to and none of the major charities gave me an option to donate specifically to cheetahs. Even the smaller charities did not provide transparency into the specific projects that my money would support. With no choice, I ended up giving the money to one of the large charities, but I was frustrated at how my engagement was being limited to giving money to a general fund.